Every Monday, Tim hosts The Infidels, a weekly show/podcast about jazz that can be found on Mixcloud

The show is named after Bud Powell’s famous 1948 composition, Dance of the Infidels, with the goal being to shine a light onto as many different types of jazz as possible. 

A typical episode may feature famous icons like Miles Davis or Ella Fitzgerald, but it’s just as likely to showcase lesser known heroes like Amina Claudine Myers or Andrew White, as well as contemporary musicians like James Brandon Lewis or Karen Ng.   

A major focus of the show is the Vancouver scene, and Tim regularly plays music by local legends such as Peggy Lee, Brad Turner, Cory Weeds, Francois Houle, and Sharon Minemoto.

The Infidels Show would not exist without the amazing engineering work done by Chris Preston every week. Please check out his website. He’s very talented and contributes so much to this project. Thank you, Chris!